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MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd offers maritime MCM and EOD capability

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The Mini-DRFD POP π M4.0 Float System is a long-range UHF radio controlled Remote Initiation (RI) system, designed to initiate explosives and munitions in a variety of environments and operational scenarios.  It uses reusable (RRx) or expendable receivers (STIX) capable of electric or non- electric initiation in both remote or timed initiat...

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AME Systems, solutions that MOVE you

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AME Systems specialise in customised electrical wiring harness solutions for a range of heavy industries including transport, agriculture, military, medical, and special purpose vehicles. We focus on building relationships and understanding your specific industry needs, offering full service and support from design to delivery, and after-market ...

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HUBER+SUHNER offers patented lightning protection solutions for defence

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Four decades of experience in developing and manufacturing coaxial– and data line–HEMP and LEMP protectors are the foundation of our current EMP protector portfolio and have made HUBER+SUHNER a first stop for protection solutions in defence applications. HUBER+SUHNER offers protection components for land based, airborne and naval tact...

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SPX FLOW – Seaguard Filters for defence

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SPXFLOW, Inc. offer Seaguard filters suitable for low or medium pressure applications such as sea water cooling, fire fighting, hydraulic and fuel oil and product transfer. Features & Benefits:          Compact lightweight design          Easy opening cov...

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Interlloy 300M high strength low-alloy steel for defence

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Interlloy stocks a range of 300M alloy steel in Australia for use in high strength applications such as aircraft landing gear and high performance axles.  It is perfect for any application where a steel of very high strength, in the order of 1,930Mpa to 2,100 Mpa, is required. Interlloy 300M is a low-alloy, chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, v...

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Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Australian Alternators - Milspec Manufacturing

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Modern ground forces are no longer reliant on number of troops and vehicles, and lethality of weapons only.   Effectiveness of a combat campaigns is a function of how smart and advanced your forces are, and the side with better electronic warfare, communication tools, detection equipment and accurate firing systems is the side who would h...

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Master Instruments offers battery powered cordless soldering irons for defence

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Master Instruments is proud to be partnering with Aussie Rechargeable Irons (ARI) to distribute their great range of battery powered cordless soldering irons. Proudly designed and manufactured right here in Australia, and featuring a high quality Lithium Ion protected battery pack, the Aussie Rechargeable Irons range provides you with the ultima...

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Sorberbarrier from Pyrotek – control noise for longevity in defence vehicles

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Sorberbarrier™ - effectively controlling noise in military transportation vehicles. Improve the field environment for personnel on patrol. Deliver a safer, smoother ride, and provide longevity for vehicles. Pyrotek® is a global engineering leader specialising in high-performance acoustic and thermal insulation materials for defence....

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Bruck delivers leading innovative technical textile solutions to the ADF

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Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) The AMCU, launched in September 2014, was developed by Bruck in collaboration with the Department of Defence and DSTG (Defence Science and Technology Group). AMCU fabric is a multi-terrain capable camouflage for land close combat operations, all other land operations, field training, as well as a dre...

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Pelican-Trimcast™ rifle storage cases refurbished for the ADF

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Trimcast, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pelican Products, is a Defence recognised supplier and leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke high-performance protective transport & storage solutions. Trimcast is currently working with the Australian Defence Force on a unique project to refurbish a range of protective cases for storage and d...

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