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AUS-Made: Servers | Storage | GPU-Servers by Hyperscalers

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Operating out of the ACT for over 10 years, Hyperscalers is Australia’s first and only ‘home grown’ manufacturer and recognised exporter of: Servers, storage-servers, GPU-servers, edge-servers, end-user computers, and appliance-level infrastructure solutions. Hyperscalers’ infrastructure solutions have been adopted throughou...

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Revolutionising shipyard efficiency: BlastOne's state-of-the-art blast and paint facility at Fincantieri Marinette Marine

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A major US shipbuilder, Fincantieri Marinette Marine was awarded the contract to produce the US Navy’s Constellation-class frigate in 2020. To accommodate these larger vessels, FMM completed a significant workspace expansion project as part of a $300M USD capital expenditure. FMM aimed to expedite the production of Constellation-Class frigate...

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Pyrotek’s Decidamp® DC06: the ultimate protection against noise and vibration for defence vessels

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Decidamp® DC06 is an isocyanate-free, two-part, thixotropic solution, providing excellent viscoelastic properties resulting in substantial reductions in structure-borne noise over a broad temperature and frequency range. DC06 is applied to perforated metal to reduce the system weight and bonded to the structure in a constrained layer configu...

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Stay safe, stay cool: let MexxBot tackle the heat

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Revolutionising Safety in Welding: The Introduction of MexxBots in Australia Welding, an essential process in various Australian industries such as manufacturing, mining, and construction, is fraught with hazards. Traditional welding methods expose workers to risks, including harmful fumes, intense light, and the danger of burns. However, a grou...

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Aerobotix and Automated Solutions Australia announce partnership to deploy robotic systems for hypersonic coating applications

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Robotic integrators on opposite sides of the world team up to solve Hypersonic engineering challenges Aerobotix and Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) today officially announced a robotic automation international partnership between the two companies for the development and testing of hypersonic capable parts.  The partnership follows the ...

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RackSolutions for your military ruggedized mounts

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The military requested ruggedized mounts for their shelf kits and KEV mounts, so RackSolutions specifically designed 2 rugged mounts. To develop mounts that provide stability and functionality, it involves a multidisciplinary approach. This includes mechanical engineering, materials science, and thorough field testing. For the first custom mount...

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Mobile Tactical Retail Refuelling System (MTRRS): Sovereign bulk liquid transport solutions for defence applications

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, the MTRRS range of retail portable tank solutions provide a robust and compact option for liquid transportation and retail distribution. The design remains bespoke, with the ability to be modified to suit our clients desired outcome. Available in multiple capability of liquid, including but not limited to ...

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Humanihut's Field Infrastructure System; award winning infrastructure to support defence operations

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Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (“HFIS”) provides climate-controlled comfort for communications, recreational/mess, storage, and accommodation/living facilities to support defence personnel.   Humanihut is a multi-award winning Australian company.  Founded on the co...

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Unitronix REN VPX products for 2024, designed and made in Australia

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Unitronix has been supplying COTS computer products in Australia to Defence primes for over 36 years. Recently we started bringing out our own range of Rugged Project boxes called Rugged Embedded NODES or REN Boxes. These are a way to deploy high end industrial electronics in a fully sealed box at a fraction of the cost of full MIL SPEC parts. The ...

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Deployable Hardware and Software Solutions from QuintessenceLabs

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Security threats worldwide have increased both in number and sophistication, making it critical for organizations to improve their data protection. But as with any big upgrade to infrastructure, it can be a significant challenge to secure information effectively, affordably, and without hindering operations. A founding principle of data protecti...

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