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BRUCK delivers leading innovative technical textiles to the ADF

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Bruck is the major supplier of combat and non-combat uniform fabrics for the Australian Defence Force. Bruck has invested in research and development to deliver innovative solutions in high performance areas including fragment protection, NIR Signature Management, waterproof and breathable wet weather outerwear, flame retardant cold weather outerwe...

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SKF delivers clever shaft connection

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  The lifeline of any machine is the effective transfer of energy. The transmission of energy in a propeller shaft is fundamental to the performance of a vessel. A simple and efficient method of connecting the shaft segments is the key to successful power transmission. SKF OK couplings provide benefits impossible to achieve with traditio...

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Pyrotek’s Decidamp® SP150 – Vibration Damping Solution for marine

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Decidamp® SP150 is a fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. Decidamp SP150 was developed to reduce structural-borne noise, and flexural or dynamic stress of structures. Decidamp properties effectively damp and dissipates vibrational energy which can assist greatly in the prevention of metal fatigue. Independently t...

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Amiga Metal 3D; your cutting-edge 3D metal solution

in by Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

In Military, developing the right equipment can be a matter of life and death. Additive Manufacturing, or Metal 3D Printing, offers swift production that allows rapid and enhanced testing; to deliver more reliable components that can be used in any military application. Additive Manufacturing allows custom bespoke designs that were never thought...

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Caledonia Group: Innovation leaders providing 3D and VR design & engineering smarts to defence industry

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With a highly skilled team of in-house designers and engineers, Caledonia have the capability of providing an innovative suite of services to the Defence industry. By importing Revit, Navisworks or CAD files into our own design software, we can create millimetre accurate designs in order to facilitate access requirements across multiple platform...

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Axalta provides coatings for Australian Army Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles

in by Axalta Coating Systems Australia Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

The Commonwealth received its first Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) as part of the Land 400 Phase 2 project. Axalta has been named a strategic partner of Rheinmetall Defence for this project and will supply the entire supply chain for coatings. To optimise application techniques and ensure quality control, Axalta also provided technical s...

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Mobile Cooling Fan from Point Trading Group: The ultimate military solution for extreme heat conditions

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The Mobile Cooling Fan is a unique solution that provides safe and powerful cooling for operators in extreme heat climates all over the world. The compact Cooling Fan is a powerful mobile cooling unit that quietly cools workers, increasing worker safety and improving productivity – making it the ideal industrial cooling solution. The fan is c...

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Instruments and support you need for your industry

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PCWI are leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of specialist industrial measuring instruments for the metals, construction, coating and related industries. The detection of imperfections in protective coatings that have been applied to eliminate moisture, and the accurate determination of the thickness of such coatings, is of criti...

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Queensland Gaskets: Defence-proven reliability, precision manufacturing

in by Queensland Gaskets Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Queensland Gaskets is a wholly Australian Family owned manufacturing business that has been operating for over 65 years. Using up to date machinery, a complete range of products ranging from precision cutting of rubber, engineered plastics, metals, graphite and shim materials are available. Along with these services, Queensland Gaskets offer the...

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United Fasteners supply fasteners & fixings, built for defence

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Our people are technical experts, solution focused individuals, driven to fully understand our customer needs and wants. They have in-depth product knowledge, sourcing experience and quality controls. We employ Chartered Professional Engineers who have significant experience in the design and application of fasteners. With consideration given to al...

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