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OCC’s Modular Advanced Reel System (MARS™), the industry’s first lightweight cable deployment reel system

by ANZIDECC Directory on 27/06/2019 9:01 AM

OCC,Optical Cable Corp

Unlike traditional metal-style reels, MARS is a lightweight, modular system constructed of an impact-modified polymer that is easily transported. It is ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently. MARS also offers a variety of deployment options, including optional frames, backpacks, shipping cases, and cable acquisition platforms. This enables customers to meet the demands of diverse applications and uses with one modular reel and accessories platform.

The OCC MARS reel can be used with simple deployable axles, or with integrated A-frames, cable acquisition cradles, transit case systems, tripods, bumper mounts, various backpacks, backpacks with fiber optic slip rings, or cartridge systems. The MARS reel, itself, incorporates options for fiber optic cleaning kits, flip-out handle, 30-ft. built-in divider, connector cradle design, and stackable features. All of these attributes (with a lower weight than common reel systems) make MARS the most advanced fiber optic reeling system available in today’s market.

For additional information please visit www.occfiber.com/industries/military-solutions