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Convection cooled 600W configurable DC power supply for defence

by Helios Power Solutions Pty Ltd on 16/09/2021 5:35 AM

Helios Power Solutions

Helios Power Solutions has a new convection cooled 600W configurable power supply platform for defence & rugged industrial applications. The CoolX600 Series is a convection-cooled modular power supply which delivers an incredible 600W without fan assisted cooling from a very compact 216 x 114 x 39mm package. The CoolX600 offers system designers best in class efficiency and reliability in addition to the most comprehensive feature set and specifications available.

The unique design allows Helios to configure endless power supply solutions for our customers, as an off-the-shelf solution. The Coolx600 is also used by Helios to provide customised solutions, such as 19” rack mounted solutions of various voltages, specific connectors, alarms & control adding sovereign capability, reduced short lead time & cost for our customers.

Main features and options include 600 W output under natural convection cooling, no fan/airflow required. Providing higher system reliability, in addition, the has high conversion efficiencies of up to 94 percent.  CoolX600 provides higher input surge protection of 4 KV Line to PE for operation in harsh environments, reverse energy protection without the use of external blocking diodes as well as safety certified operation at altitudes of up to 5000m. An incredible 24 W, medically isolated, auxiliary supply is available as a standard feature, offering effectively another output for system intelligence, control, displays etc. With optional Digital Communications available the CoolX600 provides the most flexible, highest specification modular power supply on the market.

The CX06S is available with full safety certifications to IEC62368-1 for industrial applications, and for Defence and Aerospace; MIL810G and MIL461 certified and CE101/102. Whereas the CX06M carries IEC60601-1 3rd edition & IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC) for medical applications. Other features include 4KV input surge immunity and the ability to withstand input voltages of up to 300VAC making it ideal for use in remote locations and those subject to input voltage disturbances.

Multi-Output DC Power Solution

The CoolX600 can be populated with up to 4 CoolMods, providing up to 4 isolated DC outputs ranging from 2.5 V to 58.0 V. The CoolX Platform offers maximum flexibility with analogue and digital control. In addition, outputs can be configured to the required set point voltages and connected in parallel/series for higher output current/voltages. The Coolx600 can be paralleled for higher power and N+1 Redundancy applications. The CoolX platform is completely user-field-configurable so customers can configure and reconfigure without voiding warranty or affecting safety.

Typical applications include clinical diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, dialysis equipment, radiological imaging, surgical robotics and clinical chemistry. Industrial applications included test and measurement, industrial machines, automation equipment, printing, telecommunications and audio equipment. With a feature set designed for high reliability harsh environment electronics, other application includes naval and ground based radar, communications, test and measurement.

For further information www.heliosps.com.au/industries/defence-dc-power-supply-systems