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Bespoke Brushless DC motor solutions from Electric Motor Power

by Electric Motor Power Pty Ltd on 02/10/2023 3:59 AM

Electric Motor Power,Brushless motors

With over 30 years of experience within the Australian DC motor market, Electric Motor Power (EMP) works with our customers to understand their specific application requirements and produces a bespoke motor solution to suit these specifications.

Able to manufacture a range of Brushless motors from 12v through to 415v AC, from a power range of 50w through to 75,000w continuous rating, and wound to any speed requirements, this capability covers a whole host of various applications.

Such applications include but are not limited to automated doors, windows and guards on armoured vehicles; auxiliary units within EV’s; marine propulsion motors; drone motors; ground based robots; turntables and turrets; periscopes; winches and hoists; hose reels; pump systems; AGV’s & UAV’s; lifting platforms, and many more.

DC motors are a critical component within any system and are often one of the first items sourced within the supply chain, so their performance is critical to the success of a project. EMP works hard to understand these specific needs and designs DC motors to suit a customer’s unique load profile, to ensure that our customers are provided with a unit of the highest efficiency, so that each project can achieve greater operating motor lifetime and minimizing the maintenance costs along the way, with a unit tailored to the environment in which it is operating.

Also providing a whole of life support for our products - from concept stage through to prototyping, bulk production, and after-sales support and with sovereign R&D and production capability.

EMP remains committed to Australia’s defence sector and we work hard to build trusting relationships with our customers to further develop Australia’s self-sufficiency in the area of DC motor design and production.

To find out more about how EMP can assist with your bespoke DC motor project requirements please visit us at www.emppl.com.au/pages/government-defence