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AUS-Made: Servers | Storage | GPU-Servers by Hyperscalers

by Hyperscalers on 22/05/2024 12:42 AM


Operating out of the ACT for over 10 years, Hyperscalers is Australia’s first and only ‘home grown’ manufacturer and recognised exporter of: Servers, storage-servers, GPU-servers, edge-servers, end-user computers, and appliance-level infrastructure solutions. Hyperscalers’ infrastructure solutions have been adopted throughout industries by small to very large service providers including enterprise-IT to deliver:

  • Private and public cloud
  • Storage: Highly redundant, hot, warm, and cold storage clusters   
  • Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning ML and Large Language Models LLM
  • Cyber Security and Security Information Event Management Systems SIEM
  • 5G: private and public
  • Battlefield telemetry including ruggedised field deployable Datacentres

Hyperscalers is solving Information Technology’s complexity through standardisation of best practices and through economies of scale.

It begins with our in-house-developed Digital IP Appliance Design Process coupled with a utility, being the Appliance Optimizer Utility AOU which together, accelerate the development of appliance-level infrastructure solutions. These solutions are then used by large enterprises, cloud providers, managed service providers and original equipment manufacturers needing to hyperscale their services very quickly, reliably and at a fraction of traditional cost.

Hyperscalers provides choice in two types of hardware architectures: Hyperscale and Tier 1 Original. Each architecture is complete with: Networks, storage, compute, converged and GPU infrastructure systems. Hyperscalers also provides end user devices including workstations, All-In-One desktop PCs, laptops, and Google Chromebooks.

With Australian sovereign manufacturing capabilities spanning from Level 6 to Level 10 to Level 11, Hyperscalers is satisfying a growing demand for IT-infrastructure solutions that are:

  • Denser – able to cram more CPU, RAM, storage, GPU in any given footprint
  • More secure where the manufacturing process can be overseen in Canberra AUS
  • Quicker to deliver via a locally manufactured supply chain
  • Beneficial to the Australian economy through high-tech jobs and moneys staying in country and not going to offshore headquartered companies

For further information, reach out to Warren Jolly, Hyperscalers’ Defence Principal via [email protected] or visit www.hyperscalers.com.au