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Spantech designs and constructs earth-covered Explosive Ordnance (EO) Buildings. These are used to manufacture, store or sustain EO, or to protect Defence personnel and assets from specific threats.

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36 Hutchinson St

Burleigh Heads


Australia - 4220

Phone : + 61 7 5593 4449
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Spantech is the Australian Defence Construction Specialist.

Recognised internationally as a leader in the design and construction of highly efficient, blast resistant EO Buildings, Spantech’s extensive range of EO Buildings are used to manufacture, store and sustain explosive ordnance, or to protect Defence personnel and assets from specific threats.

The Spantech EO Building range includes:

     •     EO Manufacturing Facilities
     •     EO Storage Buildings – 7-bar Type 4 Igloos
     •     EO Sustainment (Ammo Prep Buildings)
     •     EO (missile and bomb) Loading
     •     Command Centres
     •     Personnel Protection Shelters and Test Range Buildings
     •     Aircraft Shelters and Ready Alert Shelters
     •     Protect high-value platform, and
     •     Protect critical infrastructure (communications, power and water)


Spantech has the capability, experience and resources to provide these services:

     •     Structural engineering design and certification of blast resistant buildings
     •     Consult on EO Building design and EO Depot site layouts
     •     Project management
     •     Principal Contractor construction services
     •     Specialised Subcontractor construction services
     •     Design, manufacture and install 7-bar blast doors, vents and other EO Building components
     •     Manufacture and install Spantech metal roofing and metal formwork systems
     •     Maintain EO Buildings

Spantech is the only company in Australia that can work with Defence organisations such as the Sovereign GWEO Enterprise and its Strategic Partner(s) to design and build blast resistant facilities for every stage of Guided Weapons and EO lifecycle from testing and manufacture to storage and distribution.

EO Storage

Spantech has a wide range of project-ready designs for EO storage. These ADF approved designs include the Spantech 13m ECB, Spantech 23m ECB and Spantech 17.5m ECB. The new 17.5m ECB is a highly efficient Igloo with vertical sidewalls capable of storing over 360 pallets.

All Spantech ECB can be licensed as 7-bar Type 4 Igloos to store up to 75,000kgs (NEQ) of HD1.1 at minimal NATO separation distances.

Spantech Construction Technology

Spantech designs and constructs all its EO Buildings using innovative construction technology developed by the company. This technology ensures Spantech EO Buildings are:

     •     extremely safe
     •     fast to construct
     •     meet all licensing requirements
     •     fit for purpose
     •     operationally efficient
     •     low maintenance and low whole of life costs, and
     •     excellent value for money.

Results of full-scale explosive tests and Finite Element Analysis verify Spantech EO Buildings comply with eDEOP 101 and applicable NATO standards, and are among the safest EO Buildings available.

Spantech EO Buildings can contain up to 100% Australian content.


No of Employees : 40
ACN : 010 544 108
ABN : 53 010 544 108
Year of Establishment : 1984
Post Box Number : 622
Post Box Zip Code : 4218
Post Box Locality : Broadbeach
Post Box Region : QLD

Key Personnel

Defence Specialist and Construction Manager:  Rick Lucas
Marketing Manager:  Craig Lucas

Project Experience

Our team is highly experienced with an excellent record of delivering complex facilities on time and within budget.  Since 1989, Spantech has successfully delivered over 150 individual EO Buildings to the Australian Defence Force.  Internationally, the company has designed and constructed over 500 EO Buildings for NATO member Defence Forces.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Spantech also supplies and installs a range of wide-span metal roofing systems.

Spantech long-line straight roofing profiles can span up to 20m between supports to significantly reduce the amount of structural steel in a building, saving time and construction costs.

The company’s curved roofing profiles can span up to 40m wide, the widest free-span roofing system in the country.

Spantech’s metal roofing profiles are manufactured on-site with mobile roll-forming machines. The process is fast, efficient and ideally suited for construction in remote locations.

Commercial Formwork Systems

Spantech Formwork 300 is a composite metal formwork system used to build suspended concrete slabs.  The system is the most efficient in its class, allowing builders to significantly accelerate construction programs for high-rise office and accommodation buildings, and multi-level car parks.


  • Licensed Builder (QBCC, QLD)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental)
  • AS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 (Safety)
  • OFSC Safety Accreditation Scheme



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